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February 29, 2004

Good Golf

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I didn’t play golf this weekend. I am sick of fighting the wind. I started toward the course this morning in spite of it, but it began raining, and I wasn’t going to fight the wind and rain both. I turned around and came home.

It makes me smile when the television announcers make comments about it being “…really windy out here today. The wind is up around 25 miles per hour.” Here on the south Texas coast, 25 mph is light. Hell, that’s only two clubs’ worth! I don’t worry about the wind affecting my ball. but walking gets to be a chore when you’re fighting a “heavy breeze.”

So, I did some yard work and watched the Match Play Championship with Tiger and Davis. Between rounds I went to Barnes and Noble and found some very interesting reading, including A Golfer’s Education (list at bottom of column, and on the left, and on my page).

But the announcers today were in rare form. They kept reminding us all how tough this shot would be, and how impossible it was to keep a ball on this green, and how soft the course was which makes it really difficult to control the spin…! Now, I really am in awe of the talent these guys have on the PGA Tour. They can make a ball do pretty much what they want…most of the time. And they are realistic in their approach.

Announcers, on the other hand, always seem to be making excuses for them before they ever make a shot. We hear how tough a course is because the greens are hard and won’t hold an approach shot. Today they tell us how tough the course is because the greens are so soft. Everyone knows Tour pros are magicians out of sand, but we are constantly told what a difficult shot this next one is out of the sand.

I don’t know. Are the announcers for golf tournaments trying to build suspense where none exists?

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