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June 1, 2005

Mark Felt

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Prior to yesterday, did any of you ever wonder about who Deep Throat was?

Me, either.

May 31, 2005

PJ Media

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I just received an update from the folks at Pajamas Media with the following request:

Please direct any blogger who is interested in joining this effort to join@pajamasmedia.com *And don’t forget to tell him or her to say you referred them so they can be credited to your account!*

We’re also putting together the demographic survey, which we’ll soon ask each of you to run on your sites. (Running the survey is very simple, and requires no work on your part except to create a blog post including the URL we will send you.)

So, if you are interested in joining, click on the link or simply email them. And when I post the link to the survey here in the next few days, please follow it and fill out their survey. It will provide information on who is reading blogs. My guess is that people with more education and interest in world affairs read blogs than do those who get their information from television or traditional print media.

Maybe then we’ll get the perks Tim alluded to!

Major Problem

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Tim has detected a severe limitation to joining Pajamas Media:

…just where are the corporate credit cards to which we can charge expensive and alcohol fueled lunches? Where, in fact, would be journalism without such? As anyone who has ever been around journalists will know, whatever we might be doing while sober will not be journalism as we know and love it.

The Cop’s Trial

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Last December, a man being arrested attempted to shoot my son. Today, my son goes on trial.

Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it?

One of the perils of being a police officer in this country is that the criminal justice system can turn on you quickly when someone feels it needs to. The prime culprits in this are often the same ones who complain most loudly about our soldiers: Folks who call themselves journalists.

This time, the defense is calling my son as a witness. The defense. He is the one almost killed, and the defense attorney calls him as a witness for the man who pulled the trigger with intent to kill.

I’m on pins and needles today wondering how this will all play out.

May 11, 2005

Dem Bloggers

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Mark sent me a link to his site where he posts the CNN story that commented on Bunker Mulligan.

Mark also made the point that we don’t agree on everything. I told him that’s fine–we need to hear different points of view. How can we ever be certain our opinion is valid if we cannot compare it to different ones?

Thanks for the heads-up, Mark. I’ll probably get more hits from your post than from the show’s mention. And thanks to Jacki for spending some time here.

**** UPDATE ****

Just checked stats from yesterday–lowest hit count of the month so far, although page views were up. So much for a huge bump from the CNN story!

May 10, 2005

I’m Famous

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Tim McDonald at TravelGolf takes a look at golf bloggers, and I’m #3 on the list:

Bunkermulligan.net is a right-wing Nazi masquerading as a blogger….

You know you’ve made the big time when someone calls you a Nazi. They aren’t even smart enough to know that Nazis are socialists, mostly following Marxist dictate.

That follows hot on the heels of CNN contacting me about featuring this blog on “Inside Politics” along with other right-wing blogs. That has a few of the left-wing bloggers pretty upset, as I discovered searching for info on the program. One went to the trouble to do an audit and found that twice as many conservative blogs are featured on the program as are “progressive” blogs. The comments to his post reflect a great deal of angst about this. All are certain CNN is trying to out-Fox FoxNews. They really shouldn’t be concerned. I didn’t get any kind of bump in hits from being mentioned on the program.

They found me through my latest post on the Arianna Project, which must have been the feature for the day. Not the best television from what I’ve found–two women sitting in front of monitors looking at sites. I appreciate the mention, although I’m not sure it will help their ratings.

Hollywood Capitalists

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Arianna touted her new blog as a money machine to the Hollywood elite who often tell us that money and consumerism is bad:

Though press reports have made it seem as if PRmeister Ken Lerer was more or less solely funding Huffington’s blog, I’ve learned that she was hoping that Hollywood would initially invest at least $500,000 in $100,000 increments. “She framed it to them as an opportunity to invest, to share in something we’re launching, to be with friends,” one source told me. “My sense was she knew that the people wouldn’t evaluate it as they would a real business deal, like an investment in stock or real estate, but as a friend to help her. If they’re looking to just make money, there are smarter places.”

Blogs aren’t money machines. They are a voice for those of us who can’t gain access to a microphone or pages in Time or People the way these folks can. I signed on with Roger L. Simon as a way to associate with the cream of the blogosphere, not as a means of making money. The one thing that troubled me about the whole thing was the concept of putting ads on this blog.

I just don’t think someone like Arianna will be happy with the amount of money she might earn. Her annual income for the blog probably won’t pay for a single trip to her hair stylist.

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