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September 30, 2004

Dare they mess with the blogosphere?

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UML Guy is on a roll!

He takes aim at what is, admittedly, a very large target.

What is the real issue?

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I have to point out several posts by Marvin at Little Red Blog.

History is filled with examples of man

Intelligence Analysis

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The concensus of Democrats and MSM is that Iraq is a quagmire, and continues to go badly. I understand their desire for that to be true. Obvious.

Yet Wretchard has been tracking, with statistics and everything, where and when the most recent attacks have taken place. He has done a lot of work putting it all together and drawing what I feel are strong conclusions.

I have to go back to something I wrote earlier, though. People tend to compartmentalize information, and censor in their minds any link between seemingly disparate facts. Intelligence analysts look for those tenuous links rather than discarding them. And the greatest indicator in my mind as to the success or failure in Iraq is peripheral information.

Bashir al-Assad is the President of Syria, a Baathist and President in the same sense as Saddam was President of Iraq. He has an intelligence network throughout the Middle East, and has strong ties to Baathists still in Iraq. I would say his intelligence on the true situation in Iraq is better than any other. And what does his intelligence tell him about the situation? I can only make an educated guess. But I think his recent actions say a lot.

He has decided to pull troops back from Lebanon, which Syria has occupied for thirty years (the real occupied territory). He has agreed to post troops along the border with Iraq to help prevent jihadists from crossing over. And he is attempting to find a new home for some Iraqis who fled to Syria during the last two years.

My analysis is that he sees the situation in Iraq as becoming stable enough for the US to consider actions against other supporters of terrorism. And he views himself as target #1. That’s one list where he would like to see his status decline.

So, who do you believe–the New York Times or Assad’s intelligence service?

More CBS

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Jim has posted the absolute best Dan Rather photo ever.

September 29, 2004

Dems say “Jesse is Da Man”

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If these numbers are correct, the Democrats–not just John Kerry–are in big trouble. Perhaps folks like La Shawn and Avery are beginning to have an impact that Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell didn’t.

I can only hope so. When Jesse jackson, Al Sharpton, and Kweisi Mfume no longer hold sway, this nation will be completely color-blind.

(Thanks to Alex)

Grab the tissues…

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…before you go read this posting of a letter at Pat’s place.

We have two men running for President. One is real.

You have to be kidding

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I find it interesting that the standard “argument” offered by those on the left when they can’t help admitting some lefty has overstepped the bounds of good taste is, “Both sides do it.”

Actually, no. That’s one of the main reasons I lean right. Intellectual integrity is more at home there.

Okay, time for all the folks who disagree to talk about how evil Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity are. Done?

You know, I agree they often take a more belligerent approach to discourse, but I can’t think of a single time they’ve lied. Yet, in this election cycle alone we’ve have innumerable acts by everyone from Sandy Berger to Dan Rather to Joe Wilson to the writers and commenters on dozens of web sites perpetuating not just mistruths, but outright lies and fake documents.

The latest is the email being distributed among college students claiming Dubya intends to reinstate the draft. Even CBS, that paragon of virtue, is reporting it (with caveats to give them crawdad room). It matters little that the two bills attempting to do this are stuck in the House and Senate because Republican leadership are refusing to let them move. They are sponsored by Democrats.

The left have nothing to offer. They have to resort to lies. What other conclusion can I draw?

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