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June 1, 2005

Cop as Defense Witness

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Nothing has happened yet. The trial is delayed with a continuance. So, waiting continues.

Son spoke with the prosecutor to try and understand what is going on here. Apparently the defense attorney is simply on a fishing expedition, trying to find something, somewhere which will discredit the police department in their handling of his presumed-innocent client.

There is an attorney in the city who handles all the legal needs of police officers pro bono. See. They’re not all slimeballs. To those of you offering help, my cop appreciates the offer and your thoughts.

So do I.

May 31, 2005


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Mark Stein writes that Europeans have become the next best thing to left-wing Nazis:

And it’s the willingness to subordinate individual liberty to what Hutton calls “the primacy of society” that has blighted the continent for over a century: Statism — or “the primacy of society” — is what fascism, Nazism,
communism and now European Union all have in common. In fairness, after the first three, European Union seems a comparatively benign strain of the disease

Yes, Virginia. There is Nazism. It is in Europe.

The Cop’s Trial

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Last December, a man being arrested attempted to shoot my son. Today, my son goes on trial.

Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it?

One of the perils of being a police officer in this country is that the criminal justice system can turn on you quickly when someone feels it needs to. The prime culprits in this are often the same ones who complain most loudly about our soldiers: Folks who call themselves journalists.

This time, the defense is calling my son as a witness. The defense. He is the one almost killed, and the defense attorney calls him as a witness for the man who pulled the trigger with intent to kill.

I’m on pins and needles today wondering how this will all play out.

A Brick Seems a Simple Thing

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The folks at Texas A&M do this well. And Sarah writes about it in a touching and understanding way.

Memorial Day is not a somber holiday to me. It is a celebration of the things we have because of men and women like Captain Sean Sims. His son will have the knowledge that what his father did in Iraq was significant. We should share that significance and revel in it.

Memorial Day is for remembering. Remember the good done by the people we are honoring, not their deaths.

May 11, 2005


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Some thoughts deserve to be read in their entirety, but I’ll provide a small taste to get you to go there:

Culture is the Operating System for the human being.

May 9, 2005


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John found something quite interesting:

Go Testaclese! You are making an important point.

Ah, those college days!

The Huffington Post

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Up and running.

Well, nothing of any real interest to me yet. Several celebrity posts and some news items. You are welcome to comment on the news items, but don’t think you’ll have the opportunity to comment on anything the “stars” write. They do offer an “Author Bio” and permalink. The bio is for anyone looking to hire these folks, and the permalink is for all of us to send others to read their words of wisdom. No trackback, so they aren’t interested in sending people to view what you have to say.

It may turn out to be an interesting site. It looks like Ariana wants this to be a Drudge clone with social commentary by her Hollywood friends. Their fragile egos just can’t handle open discussion.

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