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May 31, 2005

PJ Media

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I just received an update from the folks at Pajamas Media with the following request:

Please direct any blogger who is interested in joining this effort to join@pajamasmedia.com *And don’t forget to tell him or her to say you referred them so they can be credited to your account!*

We’re also putting together the demographic survey, which we’ll soon ask each of you to run on your sites. (Running the survey is very simple, and requires no work on your part except to create a blog post including the URL we will send you.)

So, if you are interested in joining, click on the link or simply email them. And when I post the link to the survey here in the next few days, please follow it and fill out their survey. It will provide information on who is reading blogs. My guess is that people with more education and interest in world affairs read blogs than do those who get their information from television or traditional print media.

Maybe then we’ll get the perks Tim alluded to!

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