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March 31, 2005

Is he real, or Memorex?

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Every time I see or hear someone like this, I wonder whether they really believe their own words.

His worldview envisions a quasi-communist utopia: a world free of class, where all racial, nationalist, and cultural identities are expunged. To bring this about, he claims that we need to “dig beyond the easy symbolism of ‘freedom,’ ‘democracy,’ ‘Zionism=racism,’ and other mantras and challenge a matrix of discourses – modernity, colonialism, capitalism and nationalism; what I call the ‘modernity matrix’ – that are each based on the creation of zero-sum oppositions between (individual or collective) Selves and Others, us and them, and which together have supported a five-hundred year old world system that supports slavery in the Sudan and Mauritania and IMF bailouts, organized terrorism and ‘le peuple du Seattle’ alike.”

If so, why do they subject themselves to the agony that certainly must envelop them living in the US?


  1. Bunker – I couldn’t stomach reading the entire bio of this Marxist idiot, but did catch on to the fact that he is another California professor, so little surprise to any of us.

    He envisions a classless society, yet ensconces himself into the academic world.

    Because of my beliefs, he would undoubtedly, as others have done, call me a fascist. Along those lines, when so called, I have usually responded:

    “No — if I were indeed a fascist, and this were indeed the fascist country as you claim, you would now be hanging from the ceiling with your arms tied behind your back, beaten black and blue, and all your fellow comrades and professors would be in for similar treatment every time they spoke out, if they dared.

    “Your family would be imprisoned, your property confiscated, and even your blog shut down.

    “None of these things appear to have happened to you. On the contrary, you are a highly-paid professor, destined to retire at 80% to 110% of your large annual salary, due to the generosity of the California taxpayers whose bourgeois existence and values you despise.

    “No, this isn’t a fascist country, is it? Conversely, it seems as if you are actually in the upper-class elite, who write and chat and lecture, but do no identifiable work like the downtrodden masses do. So when the revolution that you seek does come, you will be among the first to go to the wall.

    “Have a good life.”

    Comment by Arlan — March 31, 2005 @ 8:36 pm

  2. … mantras and challenge a matrix of discourses….

    And why do academics like him always speak in gibberish? I assume they think it makes them sound more intelligent.

    Comment by Bunker — April 1, 2005 @ 5:13 am

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