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January 30, 2004

Texas National Guard

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I was up early and took a quick cruise around the ‘net. When I took a look at Sarah’s site, she had linked to this by John Moore:Useful Fools: Bush Haters Slander My Dead Comrades.

For anyone interested, take a look at the history of the Texas National Guard. I don’t think you’ll find another reserve organization with more battle experience. When Bush joined the Texas ANG, there was a strong possibility he would end up in Vietnam. Of course, the Bush-haters will never believe this. With his father’s background, I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined fully expecting to go.

John speaks of the commitment by National Guard and Reserve units. They’ve received bad press by people who’ve known someone who “played sojer.” I can tell you that folks like the NM ANG John mentions, and others I’ve dealt with while on active duty, are first-rate, and very professional. The ones from the “Taco Air Force” flew A-7s when they visited us on rotation in Panama, and there weren’t better pilots anywhere.

Addendum: Then Kim has this to say about John Kerry! This morning’s reading has certainly got my blood flowing!

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