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January 29, 2004


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I guess Kerry is the pre-ordained nominee of the Democratic Party. I’m a bit disappointed, but not surprised. Democrats seem to like life-long pols. As I look at the field, that’s about all they have to choose from.

Kerry disturbs me primarily because just about everything he’s done in life has been geared to this moment. Bill Clinton did the same thing, so it only makes sense for the party to go his direction.

Kerry began his political career while still young, supporting all the Kennedys, and trying to be just like them. Apparently he entered the Navy and became a small boat captain to emulate JFK. He did well, but got out of the Navy as quickly as he could. From that point on he has had one thing on his mind: political power.

There is an interesting article in National Review by a Marine Vietnam veteran, and it isn’t flattering to Kerry. I also came across a website which parodies Kerry’s Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Both are disturbing.

Military personnel attach a great deal of importance to someone’s integrity. They also use the word “loyal” as an indicator of respect and one of the highest accolades. Kerry has demonstrated neither, so it doesn’t surprise me that veterans have little use for him. He appears to have a presidential demeanor, but I get the sense he will implode a la Howard Dean if the pressure gets too great.

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