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December 31, 2004

I got it

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Birdie and his lovely bride are here for the weekend. He leaves for an encore performance in Afghanistan in April. She is due to deliver our grandchild in May. Therefore, they are here scouting out apartments so I can spoil that child before Birdie gets home.

For Christmas they gave me a gift card for Barnes&Noble. Today I used it to buy:

I’m first. I got to the store and right in the front door, prominently displayed, was Bill Clinton’s book. No Blog in sight. I went to the counter and asked about it. The young lady finally determined the book had just arrived this morning, and went to the back room to get me a copy. As this is the only major bookstore in town, I’m assuming I have the first copy in Corpus Christi–unless, of course, someone already ordered it through the net.

I’ve already read two chapters. It is very good, and the explanations of how the blogosphere took on Lott, Raines, Kerry, and Rather are compiled well. The most interesting observation I have thus far is that the partisanship in the blogosphere showed up not when Lott was attacked, but when Raines and Kerry were.

Obvious conclusion left up to the reader.

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