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January 28, 2004

Ass chewing

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When you post something, you never know where it will lead. I was honored with a comment from a real journalist, Kevin Sites, even though he wrote to chew my ass!

hey mike, before you take a broad brush about “cowardly journos” standing on top of 4 star hotel roofs rather than out in the thick of the shit–consider this: twenty-one journalists have died covering the war in iraq–including two cnn employees last night. can’t give you the number injured but it’s been plenty. also btwn 12-15 killed in afghanistan. friends and colleagues. maybe the bravest men and women you’ve never met. they go out without weapons, armed only with cameras and notepads, covering the news–so you can sit back in your armchair and develop your opinions. consider this one “not so lazy journo” trying to provide you with addl info so your opinions can be a bit more informed. soldiers aren’t the only ones making sacrifices out here. and btw, when this one ends you can be sure when the next one starts me and my colleagues will be there–well at least the ones who live through this one. Kevin Sites.

I ran across his web site from a link at InstaPundit. He makes one very pertinent point of which I was unaware–that 21 of his compatriots have died in Iraq.

Kevin is one of those get-out-and-get-the-story kind of guys. And he is right. I did paint with a broad brush, although I didn’t intend it to be as broad as it apparently was.

I mentioned my experience with journalists in Ethiopia. There were two in the crowd who did the job well. They were ITN guys. They learned quickly how to handle themselves around my troops and the aircraft so as to not get in the way or endanger themselves. They paid attention to all that was happening around them. They conversed! When I had something to say to my guys, they recorded only after asking, but listened instead when what I had to say was just between me and my guys. In short, they were professional and had some integrity. Others in the crowd remained in the terminal until an aircraft returned, then mobbed the area. If they decided there was nothing to see, they quickly returned to the warmth inside.

Kevin went into Iraq through Iran. He wasn’t one of the embeds. As for courage, I don’t doubt a word of what he said. In fact, I eagerly applaud those who rode into Baghdad with the troops. These folks got out into things and got the story. So did Kevin and his colleagues up in the north. Journalists have a long history of sharing foxholes with the troops. And let’s not forget Daniel Pearl.

Where do these stories go? I guess that’s the real question here. Kevin, maybe you can answer that.

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  1. Well THAT is something else.

    But I’m really just here to observe that the title of this post is probably going to bring in some site visitors looking for something else ENTIRELY…

    Comment by Bogey — January 28, 2004 @ 9:54 pm

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