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November 26, 2004

Religion of Peace and Tolerance

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Francis has some interesting thoughts on the hostility toward the US:

Islam is a shackler par excellence; always and everywhere, it demands utter and unquestioning submission enforced by the power of the State.

What are we to think when they tell us they simply hate our policies, not our freedoms?

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  1. There are many sects of Islam as there are in Christianity and many other religions. Not all sects are unable to question the Quaran. Most of the hatred and justification for actions against America are not found as much in the Quaran as they are in the Haddith, which even more Muslims are able to question, and do. That’s part of the different idealology that caused the split of the different ‘tribes’ of Islam.

    The difference between the Quaran and the Haddith for any that may not know: The Quaran is what was said to Muhammad by Allah/God through an Angel. The Haddith is what was later written to reflect Muhammad’s actions. Since he was the last true prophet of God, his actions were looked to for examples of way to live life that could not be found in the Quaran. Muhammad was a violent guy.

    Comment by Mrs Birdie — November 28, 2004 @ 7:47 am

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