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October 19, 2004

Moveable Type

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I’m really getting upset about the software I use on this blog. I’ve been using MT since last January. The manual isn’t friendly to someone like me who doesn’t know UNIX or servers, and I’ve run into several issues which have driven me almost over the brink.

The latest is the commenting system. I don’t moderate comments. I don’t want to. but for some reason, all on its own, my MT installation has decided I have to. I can’t understand why. I’ve checked the configuration within, and the configuration file, I’ve contacted my hosting service to see if they did some kind of upgrade which might have caused a communication error. I reloaded configuration files, and done everything else I can think of.

If any of you have run into this, or have advice on the transfer to WordPress, I would appreciate you leaving a comment.

Of course, I’ll have to approve the comment, first.

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