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February 21, 2005

For those who are interested

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The New York Times has transcripts of the phone conversations between Dubya and acquaintance (do friends record phone conversations?) Doug Wead.

The private Mr. Bush sounds remarkably similar in many ways to the public President Bush. Many of the taped comments foreshadow aspects of his presidency, including his opposition to both anti-gay language and recognizing same-sex marriage, his skepticism about the United Nations, his sense of moral purpose and his focus on cultivating conservative Christian voters.

I’ve not seen anything in the transcript which would be embarrassing to Dubya. Which says to me he is who he appears to be.

How refreshing for politics.


On the Sundance Channel right now is a film about how the evangelicals control the Bush White House.

A bit of irony on this day?

February 19, 2005

Cerberus Blog

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This one is for that young man standing behind his brothers in the photo below.

Old Sarge Gets a Care Package

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Russ Vaughn left me an email after seeing the picture of Birdie and his brothers. Russ was also an 82nd ABN SSGT. He followed the comment with another of his stories, this one in prose.

I think Russ needs a blog, and recommended he start one. We should all encourage him.

Old Sarge Gets a Care Package

Sergeant Vaughn got a care package today. It’s been almost forty years since I got my last one, a case of twenty-four #2½ cans of sliced peaches from my father. Memory fails me now, but I don’t believe I ever asked before he died what it cost to mail that monster, but it must have been a pretty hefty hit in the wallet for a lifelong blue-collar worker. I had happened to mention in one of my rare letters home from Vietnam that canned, sliced peaches were my favorite item in our C Rations even if they were twenty years old. We could date them because the small cigarette packs enclosed with the rations were frequently Lucky Strikes in the old green packages that were phased out in the forties.


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In may of 2003 I spent some time in Kuwait. There was, to my knowledge, a single golf course there. It had no grass, and large brooms at each “green” to smooth it for putting. I wanted desperately to play on that course. At a minimum I wanted to get a scorecard to bring home. Events simply didn’t allow that kind of excursion.

Tonight I received the following email from Geoffrey Dean:

This afternoon I had trouble getting home to my apartment, as the interior police here in Kuwait, had blocked the streets next to my apartment building. We heard gunfire and a helicopter has been hovering around overhead. They must be raiding some AlQaeda members here in Andalus, a district of Kuwait. There are very few Westerners in Andalus as this is an exclusive Kuwaiti area.

By the way, I’m a keen golfer. We only have sand-courses in Kuwait, but you still have to swing the same. I think a desert golf course would be a nice place to retire. We have a website www.q8golf.com that I update every week.

Yes, there is tournament golf in Kuwait! I’ve asked Geoffrey to send me a scorecard. I’ll post it if we make contact.


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This is a proof, kinda ragged, of a group portrait of my three boys.

men (11K)


Blog Help

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One of the best resources you’ll find about general blogging issues is Stuff about Blogging. Jerry is a fellow Texan I met through my Texas Bloggers web site, and he lives close by in Port Lavaca. His site is now listed in my links column, and it would be a good one for you to check regularly, too. In fact, if you use WordPress and are considering the upgrade to v1.5 you should go see what he has to say on the topic. He also has a post on bandwidth which may help reduce your hosting costs.

February 18, 2005

Fulton Allem

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Well, traditional media are getting better.

I received the latest issue of Golf Magazine this week and was pleased to see they improved over the last issue. I’ll come back to that in just a minute.

First, though, the editors have come to realize there are actual bloggers out here who write about golf! They mentioned Grouchy Golf, SortaGolf, and No Three-Putts as sites to visit. I dropped SortaGolf myself a while back, but may have to return. Another they mentioned is somewhat typical of all things MSM: Blogger Vance no longer exists. Perhaps he has moved on to another site, but I haven’t located it.

Of course, these articles are written some weeks in advance of publication, but Blogger Vance quit writing some months ago. And no, Bunker Mulligan isn’t mentioned. Of course, I write far less about golf than the others.

There is an excellent article on a golfer I always liked: Fulton Allem. The article is an interview by the man I view as the best in the golf business, Peter Kessler. The two men are close friends.

Fulton is going home to South Africa. He had some very good years on the Tour, but fell on hard times with an injured back. After nearly twenty years in the US, he really isn’t thrilled about leaving.

I saw Fulty play at Colonial several years ago. He was paired that day with Nick Faldo–one of the slowest players on tour. Ever. One thing grates on Fulty on-course, and that is a slow playing partner. He once wrote on an opponent’s scorecard, “You are too slow.” Fulty is nothing if not honest and sincere.

On that tenth hole, both men hit the fairway very close to where I was standing. One nice thing about Colonial is that there is room and potential for interaction with players. I got where I wanted to be before they teed off, and had the distance judged just right.

Faldo walked up and stood by his ball as Fanny, his caddy, stepped of distance for the next shot. He surveyed the shot, then paced off a distance for himself. He then took a bite of banana and got a drink of water. Then he pulled a club, took a couple of swings, then put it back. Then he took a drink. Then he pulled a different club and took a couple of swings. Then he got the original club, took a practice swing, and only then did Fanny pull the bag away. Then he finally hit.

I almost lost patience and I was simply watching! Fulty got to his ball and hit it onto the front of the green. His birdie putt would be over a ridge and downhill to the hole from there. I commented in sympathy, “Tough birdie putt from there.” He looked at me like, “I really didn’t need to hear that right now.” I felt bad, but honesty is part of Fulty’s persona, too.

I’m sorry to see him go. He is one of those guys who sincerely enjoyed playing and being in front of the gallery. Most of his interactions with fans were better than mine, but that was my fault, not his.

If there were more Fulton Allems on the Tour, rounds would go by much more quickly, and fans would enjoy the game much more.

Good luck to you Fulty. It would be good to see you come back.

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