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February 25, 2005

Missile Defense System Test

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How many of you were aware that the Ballistic Missile Defense System has been anything but a failure?

The Feb. 24 mission — the fifth successful intercept for SM-3 — was the first firing of the Aegis BMD “Emergency Deployment” capability using operational versions of the SM-3 Block I missile and Aegis BMD Weapon System. This was also the first test to exercise SM-3’s third stage rocket motor (TSRM) single-pulse mode. The TSRM has two pulses, which can be ignited independently, providing expansion of the ballistic missile engagement battlespace.

We hear immediately when such tests “fail”. And at least one of those “failures” was an intentional shutdown by the launch team.

Remember Gulf War I and the Patriot missile systems? More than a decade ago. They “failed”, too. Except when they didn’t.

There is some phenomenal technology out there that most of us cannot even comprehend.

Book Stuff

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I finished browsing the wonderful book I received from Violet’s parents for Christmas, Golf, As It Was in the Beginning. I intend to keep it on my nightstand within easy reach. It is really a beautiful layout, and has interesting commentary on the various Open Championship venues. I’ll pick it up frequently.

I’ve added Constitutional Chaos to the reading rotation. In my view, Andrew Napolitano is the kind of jurist we need to have on the Supreme Court. Knee-jerk reaction from some folks will be, “He’s a right-wing shill who works for FoxNews!” Well, they’re half right. He is the Senior Judicial Analyst for FoxNews. He is also considered conservative. But his views would have more than a few conservatives spinning in their chairs. He is very much the libertarian and Constitutional scholar who believes the words in that document mean what they say.

Thus far I’ve read only the introduction, but his analysis already has me questioning some of my own opinions.

And that’s a good thing.

Governor Moonbeam

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Roger L. Simon points out that Oakland mayor, and former California Governor Jerry Brown now has a blog.

And from what I just read there, it will be a good one. He’ll attract a wide range of visitors who will challenge his irreverence–from both sides. And he’s man enough to handle it. Roger wonders if the comments will remain open long, but thinks they may. Already the debate begins–on Wal-Mart of all things. Just a little off-topic!

Just a quick taste for those of you wondering whether to visit:

Bloggers are a force. The established order of politics (EOP) and the MSM face a big challenge from this fearless army. Tragically, in some countries, the challenge is met by enforced silence.

February 24, 2005

News Fans

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Patterico has a thought for those in the media who disparage the blogosphere:

I have a very simple suggestion for mainstream media types who feel in any way threatened by bloggers: whenever you hear the word “blogger,” think: “reader.”

Yes, we are readers. Customers, if you will.

I read a lot. I have subscriptions. I pad site traffic on those sites–both subscription and gratis. That helps increase ad revenue.

The difference is that I can comment on my site about something on their sites. They don’t like it. They want a fanfest, I guess.

I once visited a site dedicated to David Arquette to find out who he was. I think he is a terrible actor, and couldn’t understand why anyone thought otherwise. Others who visited that site felt the same, and said so. One frustrated fan responded, “If you don’t like him, don’t comment. This is a place for people who like him to come talk about how good he is.”

I assume that’s why traditional media don’t care much for bloggers. And that’s a shame.

February 23, 2005

Who the Hell Do You Think You Bloggers Are?

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Frank is asking the question. I posted my response over there. Sorry, I’m not as humorous as others.

February 22, 2005

A Belgian novelty

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You know, I doubt seriously whether Dubya, or any other American President, would look at this as anything other than something to laugh about.

The piss stickers, specially made to be used in urinals, can be seen these days in the public toilets of Belgian schools, youth clubs, and pubs. They were designed by Laurent Winnock, president of the Young Socialists, the youth branch of Vande Lanotte’s Socialist party. Winnock did his creative work during his office hours, which would not be worth mentioning if Winnock did not work in the offices of Vice Prime Minister Vande Lanotte, as one of his press spokesmen.

Boy, aren’t those European Socialists creative?

February 21, 2005

Gender Genie

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Barb posted her thoughts on blog writing. In particular, the fact that many women bloggers have a male writing style. I don’t really know what that means. Perhaps it has to do with more journalistic prose, bereft of modifiers.

Anyway, I decided to put my manhood on the line and checked a couple of my longer posts (more than 500 words is recommended).

Female Score: 416
Male Score: 931

The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

At least I was this morning.

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