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November 24, 2003

Maybe I just get perturbed

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Maybe I just get perturbed too easily.

Yesterday I put a very good drive in the fairway bunker on the tenth hole of my home course. When I got to the bunker I found it to be in really terrible condition

November 23, 2003

This is my way of

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This is my way of getting back into the realm of writing. I once wrote prolifically, and it was wonderful therapy. I even had several articles published. Although I also wrote a book (a biography), it never saw an editor’s desk. Lately I’ve been frustrated by my inability to put words to paper, and hope ideas I have will find root in this blog.

I get so wrapped up in reading some of my favorites, I have doubts about my ability to actually put things down which don’t repeat something someone else said better. Having said that, I don’t intend to write short blurbs which simply link to someone else’s thoughts. I do direct any readers out there to my list of links. I follow several blogs daily, and find something interesting in each. You will, too.

This is not a political blog. Nor is it a sports blog. It is not dedicated to war, anti-war, Islam, Christianity, Budhism, literature, science, engineering, nor any other specific topic. I have an interest in all these things and many more.

I have lived in many places. I am a Texan, and an American, and quite proud to be both. Texas tops my list of places to live, although I’ve found something good in every location. I’ve lived in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado, Illinois, and Florida, as well as England, France, and Panama. I’ve been to every state in the continental US except the two Dakotas, and don’t want to exclude them, either. I have also spent time in Costa RIca, Ethiopia, Jordan, Azores, Spain, Italy, Sicily, and Kuwait.

I am a libertarian, but NOT a Libertarian. I get disgusted with politics and politicians, and believe everyone in DC needs to take a fresh look at our Constitution.

I support President Bush and see him as the embodiment of Teddy Roosevelt, who was also disparaged as a cowboy. I also support our troops, two of whom are my sons. One of them will go overseas soon, and the other one recently returned from Afghanistan. I have less concern for their safety than I do for my other son who is a police officer. He, unlike his brothers, can’t shoot first and ask questions later.

My daughter, the youngest, is in LA making her way in the entertainment business doing casting and production.

I’ve coached baseball at every level from T-ball to NCAA junior varsity, and football up to high school. I watch sports, but am not very serious about it above high school level. I play golf, and enjoy the game more than others due to the individuality, honor, and sense of community in it. PGA players earn their paycheck with performance. They don’t make a salary sitting on the bench, or missing a cut. Perform, and the sky’s the limit. More power to ya, Tiger! Make it while you can.

I am NOT a celebrity watcher. I get frustrated to turn on the news. With everything of import going on in this country and around the world, the lead stories are Kobe Bryant, Scott Peterson, and Michael Jackson. It is easy TV, and not hard to put a story together around them, so something more important gets overlooked because it takes real work to get the story.

So, welcome to my blog. Let’s see how it develops over time!

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