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May 9, 2005

They decline at this time

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For those who skoffed, I received the following in response to my suggestion:

Augusta (5K)

Mr. Johnson asked that I reply to your letter of April 20, 2005 regarding an internet blog prior to and during the Masters Tournament.

While your plan is well conceived and interesting, at this time we prefer to utilize traditional means to communicate with our visitors on masters.org.

Thank you for your interest in the Masters, and I look forward to reading your work on Bunker Mulligan.

Signed by the Director of Communications, whose name I will keep private.

I’ll continue to ask. And I’ll get a “Thank you” letter in the mail tomorrow.

He and McCain

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Why, when talking about Republicans, do the media use this particular adjective?

Maverick GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel said Sunday that U.S. power and influence in the world is in decline, then added, “That’s good news, I think.”

I can’t remember the last time someone like Zell Miller was called a “maverick” Democrat.

The Huffington Post

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Up and running.

Well, nothing of any real interest to me yet. Several celebrity posts and some news items. You are welcome to comment on the news items, but don’t think you’ll have the opportunity to comment on anything the “stars” write. They do offer an “Author Bio” and permalink. The bio is for anyone looking to hire these folks, and the permalink is for all of us to send others to read their words of wisdom. No trackback, so they aren’t interested in sending people to view what you have to say.

It may turn out to be an interesting site. It looks like Ariana wants this to be a Drudge clone with social commentary by her Hollywood friends. Their fragile egos just can’t handle open discussion.

April 30, 2005

Blogging, not slogging

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Ann Althouse had a nice piece I wanted to write about yesterday, but ran out of time. No time for much of anything this week but work.

I’ll sum it up and let you read it yourself.

I prefer to sit at my computer rather than in front of the television. I’ll still listen if there’s something of interest on the tube, but I rarely sit down and watch a show. If I want to simply be entertained, I will generally read a book.

I like interactive. I don’t care much for passive. I think most guys are the same. It’s why we tend to fall asleep with the television on.

Blogging is interactive reading. That’s Ann’s conclusion.

End of an Era

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For those of who don’t know, Wallace spent time in Vietnam back in the olden days. He is also friend and partner to Joe Galloway, co-author of We Were Soldiers Once…And Young. He maintains an archive of Joe’s photos from his time at Ia Drang–and many other places, as well as a site for Ia Drang veterans.

The military won in Vietnam, but America pulled out the final group on this day 30 years ago. Check Wallace’s post, as he has links to two other combat photographers. One may surprise you.

April 27, 2005

BusinessBlog 101

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David found that Business Week has discovered blogs–and likes them.

April 23, 2005


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I know I’ve hit the big time. Liberal Larry has compared me to our favorite fascist!

A great big Toot of the Hooka to Hitler’s Bunker for tipping me off to the Nag Hammadi of weblogs Formerly Rosie. That’s right – when she’s not collecting orphans like Beanie Babies, Rosie O’Donnell is BLOGGING! WOO HOO!

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